The Note. Life of Rudolf Barshai

Oleg Dorman. Corpus Books, 2013

Conductor Rudolf Barshai belonged to the galaxy of great musicians of the twentieth century. Created in the late fifties Moscow chamber orchestra has captivated audiences worldwide. Permanent partners of the orchestra were Sviatoslav Richter, David Oistrakh, Emil Gilels. At his peak in 1977 Barshai went West to play the books that were forbidden in the USSR. He led orchestras in Israel and the UK, Canada and France, Switzerland and Japan. In his declining years, in Switzerland, in front of the camera film Director Oleg Dorman Barshai remembers his wandering childhood, about growing up in the war, about love and loss, about his legendary teachers, friends, colleagues - Shostakovich, Menuhin, Rostropovich, Stravinsky, to the difficulties of emigration and happy decades of free creativity. The book is created by the documentary film 'the Note', a film based in the year 20io Oleg Dorman, author of 'the Bridge', and is a confessional monologue to the Maestro a month before his death.

'Note. The life of Rudolf Barshai, narrated in the film by Oleg Dorman' – print version of the documentary film by Oleg Dorman. Rudolf Barshai, conductor, who earned worldwide recognition, shortly before his death, shared memories. In his story came to life images of friends, associates in art, have made noise the war, were again experienced the problems of emigration. But in the heart always remained creative freedom.

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